It Is Here


Justin Mortimer’s paintings presented in the exhibition and publication 'It Is Here' address the present moment. They reflect upon a world in a state of disorder and respond to recent events in the US, Calais, the Ukraine, West Africa, Syria and Afghanistan. The paintings combine imagery sourced from the internet with archival material from old books and magazines in order to visualise a world in which nothing is stable or certain, echoing the tectonic cracks appearing in the old world order.


As a body of work, 'It is Here' powerfully articulates the present state of affairs. It is not a pleasant vision, though Mortimer finds extraordinary moments of beauty in passages of paint depicting smoke flares, the texture of plastic, the colours of flesh or the richness of the night sky. Here Mortimer stakes a claim for the unique quality of painting and its ability to render reality. He has said: ‘With the ubiquity and homogeneity of [digital photography] painting is reinstating its power to cut through to the marrow of experience.’



Published by Parafin

Introduction by Ben Tufnell

Design by Matt Watkins


2017. 32 pp., 20 ills.

320 x 250 cm



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