Justin Mortimer


Published to coincide with Mortimer's first solo exhibition in a public gallery, at Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham Lakeside Arts, and forthcoming exhibition at Parafin, London in May 2015.


Mortimer’s new and recent paintings reflect upon a world in a state of disorder. An avid observer of the social and political upheaval that is the staple of the international news agenda, Mortimer's images echo recent events in Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria and Afghanistan. Yet he wrings from this tortured narrative of violence and oppression images of both hope and despair as well as a strange and troubling beauty. Mortimer’s paintings are not reportage or documentation but instead represent a powerful and poetic visualisation of contemporary life, in all its grim and magical reality.


Includes new essays from Martin Herbert and Coline Milliard.



Published by Parafin and Lecturis, Eindhoven

Essays by Martin Herbert and Coline Milliard

Design by Matt Watkins


2015. 72 pp., 41 ills.

265 x 205 cm

ISBN 978-94-6226-135-8



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