Cracking Glass (after Jarman)


Uwe Wittwer's multi-part inkjet work Cracking Glass (after Jarman) was created for the exhibition The King's Tear at Parafin in 2015 and brings together two iconic pieces of source material, Derek Jarman's iconic film The Last of England and TS Eliot's The Waste Land. As Laura Cumming observed in a review of the exhibition: 'The effect of Wittwer’s marrying of word and picture is that each haunts the others and every painting feels lifted on some kind of breeze – funereal, but no longer static.'


This book illustrates each element of Wittwer's ambitious work, each part a combination of watercolour and handwritten text, scanned and then subtly digitally interwoven. Includes an introductory text by Ben Tufnell.



Published by Parafin

Text by Ben Tufnell

Design by Matt Watkins


2015. 36 pp., 32 ills.

16.8 x 24.40 cm




£15.00 (+p&p)




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